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Planning to live stream a conference

Live streaming a conference

Written by Mark Slocombe

22 January, 2023

Live streaming a conference, meeting or town hall is a great way to reach a wider audience and make the event more accessible to those who are unable to attend in person. There are several things to consider when planning to live stream an event to ensure a successful and high-quality broadcast.

Internet connectivity:

One of the most important things to consider when live streaming a conference is the internet connectivity at the event venue. Make sure to test the internet connection before the event and have a backup plan in case of any connectivity issues (eg the venue wifi, if strong and reliable enough – or a mobile connection that concatenates local 5G and 4G signals, using SIM cards). If it’s a wired connection, test the actual socket that will be used.

A key question in our Livestream Factfinder is about the speed of the connection – you can use to get a reading. We need 5-10Mbps broadband upload speed at the venue for 720p HD streaming (4Mbps + headroom).

The other key question re the venue internet connection is – does the netowork have any firewall restrictions that will prevent video streaming? We test this at our pre-event site visit, or recce.

Camera and audio equipment:

To ensure a high-quality broadcast, it’s important to have the right camera and audio equipment. Consider using multiple cameras to capture different angles and speakers, and make sure that the audio is clear and easy to understand.

As the main camera is often located at the back of the venue, you’ll need a camera with a long enough zoom to see the presenter/s in a medium shot (waist up).

Audio is often provided by the venue and will include a combination of lectern icrophones, lapel mics and handheld microphones for audience Q and A. We then take a balanced mixed feed of this to our cameras or mixer.

If the venue doesn’t have an audio solution, we supply one, including loudspeakers if there is a live audience.


Proper lighting is key to ensure that the conference or meeting looks professional and polished. Venues often include in-house lighting, otherwise consider using professional lighting equipment and experimenting with different lighting setups to find the best look for the conference.

Engage with the audience:

Engaging with the audience during the live stream can help to make the event more interactive and enjoyable for viewers. Consider incorporating live Q&A sessions or social media interactions during the conference.

Also to consider – do you need someone to moderate feedback / questions before the wider audience sees it?


Make sure to promote the live stream in advance and give the audience all the necessary information to join the live stream like the link, the date and the time. Zoom Webinars make this process easy with auto-generated invitations, registration, and reminders.

By considering these factors and planning accordingly, you can ensure that your conference, meeting or event live stream is a success and reaches a wider audience.

Remember to always test the equipment and internet connection before the event, at a site visit / recce well ahead of the day, and have backups in case of any issues.

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