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How to Moderate Live Feedback on Your Livestream

Our livestream message moderation system allows moderation of incoming messages by Web Message or by Tweet. Web Messages are input by the user on the form on the right of the livestream video, as in this picture:


Quick Start (see the demo movie below, best fullscreen):
1. Click the link we send you, on your computer or device
2. In ‘To Moderate’, click the ‘Yes, Moderate Now’ button
3. See incoming messages: Click Accept, Reject, or Save for Later

How to Moderate Live Feedback on Your Livestream Best viewed fullscreen, click bottom right of video

How do I moderate Web Messages / Tweets?
We offer two different Moderation options: Manual Moderation and Automatic Filters.

Manual moderation allows you to moderate in real-time using our Live Centre. We will give you the link to open the Live Centre on your computer or device, before your livestream starts.

In Manual Moderation, a moderator chooses which messages to display on the livestream. You can Accept, Reject or Save for Later.

Automatic Filters allows you to automatically ban messages containing a list of inappropriate words and/or specific users. You can also choose to add priority users to bypass moderation and block ReTweets.

Advanced Features:
Prioritize the User = allows all messages from that user to be shown automatically. Click the user’s name in their message to enable this. De-prioritze them in Moderation Settings

A Tagging function is also available so that messages can be organized. You might for example label messages as Follow Up for your Community Manager or Afternoon Q&A to be retrieved later during your Question and Answer Session. You create your own tag, so the possibilities are endless.

A Curate feature is also available to allow you to bring in ANY Tweet from Twitter. Simply get the URL from Twitter, enter the link and then Accept or Save for Later. It is also possible to bring the last 20 Tweets from a particular user using the Curate feature. Simply enter the username in and click search. Then you can Accept, Reject and Save for Later.

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