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How to Live Stream a Virtual Open Day

Edited highlights of our virtual open day live stream for Kingston Grammar School

This was the first time we had attempted a live streaming project and needed someone that could guide us through the process with confidence and professionalism. Mark definitely delivered. He was responsive and patient, even when constant obstacles were placed in his path. Thank you!

Jodi-Lynne Shalgosky

Senior Registrar, Kingston Grammar School

Covid19 has been the cause of innovation in many industries, not least in live streaming and events.

When Kingston Grammar School wanted to host their annual open day for prospective pupils and parents, they invited us to provide the live streaming of their multiple presentations and demonstrations. 

As always, we carried out a site visit to check the location and crucially, the upload speed and status of the broadband connection, with the IT team. In this case we learned, unsurprisingly, that as an education institution, the school’s ISP had rigorous protocols in place which had to be relaxed to enable us to stream. This can take days – so always worth checking well in advance.

The schedule was packed and tight, so we supplied two camera / live stream crews to enable us to move from one  location to the next with enough time to set up in each.

We streamed to our Vimeo player, and our streams were embedded in the virtual event platform that the school partnered with, where viewers were able to interact and meet the staff.

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