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Accsoon SeeMo Video Transmitter Monitoring Adapter for iPhone

Accsoon SeeMo HDMI To IOS Adapter

This little device is a big deal for anyone who has wanted to use their iPhone as a high-quality video monitor (there’s an Android version too).

It simply takes the HDMI output from your camera and transmits it via a (bespoke) USB-c to Lightning cable – so you can use any recent iPhone or iPad… imagine an iPad Mini as a monitor (using an optional iPad cradle frm Accsoon) !

The other big deal about the Accsoon is that, as it is using your iPhone, it enables you to live stream direct from your camera – you simply download an Accsoon app and go live from there to YouTube, Facebook, or any RTMP destination.

The Seemo comes in grey, but there’s also a black version.

Click the pics to check out the Seemo on Amazon :

Accsoon SeeMo HDMI To IOS Adapter iPhone
Accsoon SeeMo HDMI To IOS Adapter black

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