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Video Production Estimate

Some or all of these questions may also apply to your production – we’ll discuss them later:

  • Do you have a script? If not, will you originate it, or do you need a writer?
  • Will your script / film require regulatory approval?
  • How long will the total programme be?
  • Does any of the video / audio content exist or do we need to create it all?
  • What style might be appropriate? eg documentary, drama, presenter, voiceover, vox pop?
  • How many subjects / actors might be involved?
  • How many locations involved? Where? Will permissions to film be required?
  • Is a TV studio required?
  • Will the project need to be adapted for other languages? Which languages? Subtitled or dubbed?
  • Are graphics required – simple text / 2D or complex 3D / CGI?
  • Does the project or brand artwork already exist? Can we use it?
  • What format for output? Video for your website / YouTube / DVD / USB ?
  • How many DVD copies required?
  • DVD packaging – full artwork/cases required or simple plastic sleeves?