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John Suchet, Broadcaster Infomercial Production

TV Infomercial Production

Television Infomercial Production TV adverts and commercials

We have produced television infomercials since 2000. A 2.5 minute infomercial is the ideal length to promote your business on TV; we can provide a complete package, including getting your infomercial approved by Clearcast, booking the airtime and delivering the broadcast-ready film.

Click the thumbnails to see CreationVideo infomercials for Shell, the Iceland Stock Exchange, The Perfect Partner and VisitBritain / US Olympic Committee:

We provide everything you’ll need; scriptwriting (or we work with yours), autocue, actors, voiceovers, music and graphics. We work locally, nationally or globally – working for BBC World we’ve filmed on nearly every continent! We’ve worked with CEOs including Mark Thompson: BBC Director General, Matt Barrett: CEO Barclays, and Frank Chapman: CEO British Gas.

Macdonald Hotels CreationVideo TV infomercial

And your infomercial’s value and ROI doesn’t end after the TV transmission/s. It can also be output to DVD, CD, USB memory stick, and of course streaming video for your website. We can also host it on our streaming video servers, on a monthly basis. Whatever format you need, we’ll deliver your project on-budget, on time.

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