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Since 1993 we have produced training videos, training DVDs and online training films for clients in the corporate, healthcare and public sectors. We offer a full video production service including scriptwriting and casting actors, and filming in HD with prime lenses, to achieve a truly high-end, film-like look.

Click the thumbnails to see Dormer Tools’ D-Selling sales training video, an EFL training video for Editions Didier, Elsevier’s Clinical Skills Online, and an MOD staff training film:

The subject matter of our training films is diverse, for example:

AchieveGlobal trains over 250,000 sales people every year, and its Achieving Superior Sales Performance™ system is the industry standard in sales performance improvement. Above you can see a 5 minute edit of the modular 90 minute film we produced to support the training programme; we used a cast of 12 actors in an ongoing narrative based on the recruitment of a new advertising agency.

Talk That Counts Threshold Communications for Coca Cola


Dormer Tools D-Selling Sales Training DVD Production

“CreationVideo delivered an innovative and attractive video to support our principle sales training programme, Professional Selling Skills. The video is used during the programme to illustrate programme concepts and skills using an on-going narrative. Mark quickly understood the special challenges of the requirement and delivered an exemplary final product on-time and within budget. I would have no hesitation in calling on him for future projects.”

Michael Hawthorne, Managing Director, AchieveGlobal (UK) Ltd

The BSCC (British Society for Clinical Cytology) is a registered charity founded to advance the art and science of clinical cytology. Having developed the cervical screening programme, it required a training video to teach health professionals how to conduct cervical screening: our 40 minute film includes actresses, health professionals and the views of ordinary women, and covers the process of taking a smear to show how effective sampling, and quality of the specimen submitted, are of crucial importance to the screening process.