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Gordon Brown and Kailash Satyarthi meet Emily and Josue 2 HD Cameras, 1 Director-Cameraman, Next Day Edit

Talking Heads Video Production

Talking Heads Video Production Vox pops, testimonials, interviews

Talking heads video production is a key component of most videos. Your project will most likely include client testimonial videos of independent experts, KOLs, clients, or your staff – the video testimonials of satisfied customers are the most powerful selling tool.

They’ll either talk to an on- or off-screen interviewer or straight to camera, and our expert, patient direction will help both interviewer and subject deliver their best performance. We’re here to help!

We can also provide an Autocue / Teleprompter, when a more scripted approach is required – such as when content must gain regulatory approval.

Click the thumbnails to see talking heads produced for Editions Financial, HSBC and Dignitana:

A two camera shoot talking head video for Genomics England:

Genomics England - Sir John Chisholm Two camera shoot talking head video, Olympics 2012 cutaways

A customer testimonial video for Dormer Tools:

Dormer Tools Customer Testimonial Video

BBC Director General Mark Thompson – Talking heads video produced by CreationVideo for BBC:

BBC Director General Mark Thompson Talking heads video produced by CreationVideo for BBC

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And this short testimonial video for Threshold Communications uses vox pop talking heads solely:

Threshold Communications Testimonial Video

In April 2014 we filmed talking head interviews with many A-list celebrities and media leaders for The Guardian at Advertising Week Europe – see them here.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 22.23.55

“Filming for us in 14 countries, CreationVideo’s expertise has made an international project seem personal, and a personal project seem global – they remain our first option for any multi-national project of this type”.

Jeremy Nye, Head of Research & Planning, BBC World