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For Experts, Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs… we make, manage and market your online training course – at low cost or even free of charge!

If you want to turn your expertise into an online training course that generates passive income, but don’t have the time or tech skills – we’re here for you.

Our joint venture partnership offer is based on a 50/50 share of costs and profit – all of our input to create your course is at a discounted rate or in some cases, free of charge.

We use online course platforms such as Udemy and Vimeo, and/or create a website / landing pages to host your additional content, eg blogs, explainer videos.

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We provide:
Consultation + advice / video production /  editing / course creation, packaging, upload and management / video hosting / website / payment processing / social media accounts, pages & marketing.

You provide:
Your course content / 50% of minimal costs – see the FAQ:


Is this really discounted or free?

Yes – all of our work on the project is either at discounted or no cost to you – determined on a case-by-case basis. The only other (minimal) costs you’ll share are: web & email hosting + any software licences, cost of ads, eg Facebook / Google advertising

What's the value of your free input?

Our work, if paid for, would start at £4,000 (video production, Udemy course creation, website) with additional monthly marketing costs of £500

How do I get paid?
We’ll share regular updates / screenshots of the performance and profits – you invoice us accordingly
How do you choose partners?

We must be as sure as possible that the project will succeed, so we are selective about who we work with – we’ll take time to understand your area of expertise and will research the popularity of your niche

Do you have testimonials?
Please see the testimonials below


“I’ve been working with Mark for many years. We first met on an Elsevier book project where I provided the words and Mark recorded and edited the videos of the clinical procedures that the book was about. I found him to be very professional and patient.

We hooked up again a few years later to work on the EyeTools professional development platform. Again, I produce the words and Mark looks after the video element but he does much more than that. He set up and oversees our Facebook presence, takes care of the customer payments and helps me with publishing content on WordPress and Vimeo and markets the platform.

At the moment (in Covid lockdown) I am self-filming but as soon as we can we will be back in clinic making more instructional videos and using Mark’s excellent filming, editing and production skills.

The model we use is that Mark’s input, video production/ editing/ websites/ marketing, is all free of charge and we share the profits.

Mark is quick to respond to my queries, solves problems efficiently and deals patiently with me when I ask him to help me with any tech problems I have.

I recommend partnership with Mark to any academics / experts / entrepreneurs who want to turn their knowledge into an income stream.”

Dr Frank Eperjesi

BSc PhD FCOptom DOrth PGCertHE Senior Fellow HEA MBA MEd FInstLM | Professor of Clinical Optometry | Registered Optometrist, EyeTools

“Mark created my English pronunciation video training course & website and the marketing strategy from scratch. He explained everything clearly and runs the whole project for me; his expertise and professionalism make him a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!”

Glen McCready

Actor, Voice Coach,

“The CreationVideo team led by Mark partnered with me to build our training video website, and devised a marketing plan to reach surgeons and nurses globally. Working with Mark took all of the stress and hassle out of the project – he’s a patient, honest professional.”

Peter Cranstone


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