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Patient Recruitment For Surgeons Explained in 1 Minute

Patient Recruitment For Surgeons

Patient Recruitment For Plastic, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgeons Using Social Media Marketing and Video to Generate Enquiries

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Mark Slocombe (co-founder of offers a full-service, highly-personalised patient recruitment solution for a limited number of leading plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons.

Our method combines professional video and social media advertising, and the approach is patient-focussed rather than clinic-focussed; everything we do addresses the patient’s expectations and feelings, rather than making boastful claims

The complete service provides you with potential patients: They submit their enquiry to our team, we call them back, pre-qualify them, take their consultation booking fee (for you) – then pass them on to your staff via our CRM software.

The service includes:

  • Landing page website
  • Testimonial video production
  • Your Welcome video production
  • Surgery filming for lecture use if required
  • Facebook & Twitter pages, updated daily for you by our team
  • Social Media promotion: highly targeted video advertising on Facebook and Google
  • Consultation booking team (comparable to having an extra personal assistant)
  • CRM application shared between our booking team and your staff
  • Live Webinars if required: we host & support your online broadcasts

It’s proven to get results, is low-cost / high value to set up, and you only pay for the ongoing social media advertising, (mainly Facebook, the most-used platform by patients), plus an agreed sum when each new patient is confirmed.

We provide campaign management at no cost, and cover the costs of the Consultation Booking and Social Media teams ourselves, affirming our confidence in our solution and proving that we’re incentivised to make your campaign a success.

If you already have a web / social media presence – we can work alongside.

To learn more, please submit this form:

Alternatively, call Mark on 0208 987 9363, or email us at .

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