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Why add video to your website or use it to communicate? Because web video is incredibly popular: YouTube alone gets 1 billion unique users per month, and as a commercial tool, video is hugely powerful.

Since 1993 we have worked locally, nationally and globally – for BBC World we’ve filmed on nearly every continent! We’ve worked with CEOs including Mark Thompson: BBC Director General, Matt Barrett: CEO Barclays, and Frank Chapman: CEO British Gas.

Watch these examples of our international video production work, for Dormer Tools’ 2013 centenary…

Dormer Tools 2013 Centenary Video CreationVideo corporate video

…and for BBC World’s global research project:

BBC World Global research project

Your corporate video production may cost much less than you think. Although many of our corporate projects have budgets of £40k-£90k, a business profile video like the Logicor video above can be achieved in a short time for less than £10k.

Click the thumbnails below to see Jane Packer’s product launch video, John Suchet introducing ‘the tomato pill’, BBC Director General Mark Thompson discussing market research, and FirstGroup PLC’s franchise bid video:

“Filming for us in 14 countries, CreationVideo’s expertise has made an international project seem personal, and a personal project seem global – they remain our first option for any multi-national project of this type”.

Jeremy Nye, Head of Research & Planning, BBC World

Our corporate video clients require videos for websites, conference videos and training videos, but also commission promotional DVDs, awareness videos, sales and marketing films, and video for CSR, recruitment, and induction. And digital video production enables us to easily re-edit or update your material, so its value is not limited to one production: the material we shoot for a sales video could also be utilised for recruitment, induction, CSR or HSE.

We provide everything you’ll need, whatever type of production; scriptwriting (or we work with you on your script), autocue, actors, voiceovers, subtitling, translation, sign language, music and graphics.

Your project can be output to DVD, CD, USB memory stick, but most likely, streaming video for your website. We can also host it on our streaming video servers, on a monthly basis. Whatever format you need, we’ll deliver your project on-budget, on time; contact us now to discuss your next project.

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Dormer Tools 100 Years Our Culture - Centenary Celebration Video