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Best Internal Hard Drives for RAID

Toshiba 8TB N300 Internal Hard Drive

Written by Mark Slocombe

29 January, 2023

When I replaced my Promise Pegasus R4 RAID, I still had two good Toshiba drives, and as I’d always understood that drives in a RAID array should all be from the same manufacturer and be the same size, I sought out two new Toshiba 4TB drives.

The exact ones were getting hard to find, so I wanted to know if I could in fact mix and match. A quick check of the OWC website confirmed that using my new OWC 4-Bay Storage Enclosure with Dual Thunderbolt 3 Ports ( also known as the OWC ThunderBay 4 ) I could indeed use any drives of any size.

So – although I’m recommending 6TB and 8TB Toshiba drives here, because I’ve used them for years with very few failures, do be aware that in the ThunderBay 4, you can use any drives, any size.

And of course, configuring your RAID to RAID 5 means that if a drive does fail, you’re safe – because the info on each drive is duplicated to the other drives. Speed is also not sacrificed in the RAID 5 configuration, which is why it’s the perfect set up for video editing.

Here’s Toshiba’s description of these drives:

  • DESIGNED FOR NAS – The Toshiba 3.5 inch SATA hard drive offers scalable support for 1 bay to 8 bay network attached storage, including desktop RAID and servers, multimedia server storage, private cloud storage, small business server storage and more
  • BUILT FOR 24/7 RELIABILITY – With its reliable ‘always on’ 24/7 operation, enhanced real-time performance and 3 year warranty, this hard drive for home and business NAS systems ensures seamless performance with a workload of up to 180 TB per year workload
  • INTEGRATED RV SENSORS – Designed to eliminate knock-on vibration, this 7200-rpm shock-detecting hard drive features built-in RV sensors to minimise rotational vibration in multi-bay NAS configured systems for a smoother experience
  • FULL DATA PROTECTION – Installed with error recovery control and private cloud storage, this robust 3.5 hard drive securely stores your data making it easy to safely handle high data volumes in any professional environment
  • HIGH ENDURANCE DESIGN – Engineered for maximum durability and heat protection, the N300 hard drive is expertly built to sustain long periods of use without compromising overall performance for complete peace of mind

Click the pictures to check out the drives on Amazon :

Toshiba 8TB N300 Internal Hard Drive

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