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Translation and Subtitling

Add Subtitles to Video to Grow Your Audience and Boost ROI

add subtitles to video

Video subtitling enables many more viewers to watch your content.

When you add subtitles or captions to your video, you immediately enable more people to understand your message.

You make your video meaningful to groups of people who, without subtitling or captions, would not consider watching it: people who do not speak the language your video is made in, people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or perhaps the largest group of all… people who are viewing your video with the sound turned off.

Adding subtitles – or captions – to videos, is increasingly a must-have, particularly for businesses that need to communicate on a global basis.

For example – companies with a global workforce, that need to keep employees regularly updated with news and information.

Our Translation and Subtitling Process (24-48 hour turnaround)


1. Shoot Your Video

Supply your self-shot video, or we can film you, including greenscreen / teleprompter.


2. English Captions SRT

We create English captions – an .srt file – within 2-3 hours, for your approval.


3. Translation

Our (human) native-speaking translators translate the English captions.

4. Subtitling

We ‘burn-in’ the subtitles to video. The whole process is usually completed within 24-48 hours.

Captions, Subtitles, Translation – explained

People often ask what the difference is between captions and subtitles.

In our workflow, where the source video is usually in English, captions (or closed captions) are also referred to as English subtitles, and are English language text, created by a machine or human transcriber.

The transcribed file must be formatted correctly, so that when the text is imported into the video editing software, it fits on screen correctly. There are several types of file – we generally use SRT files.

If the project needs to be translated to foreign languages – the captions created are called subtitles.

Once the subtitle files are created, they can be added to the video file in several ways. For our corporate clients, who want their videos to be seen internally only, hosted on their servers, we create burnt-in subtitles – where the text is physically edited onto the video.

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