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Presenting our presenters Professional video presenters and voice overs

Video presenters, narrators and voice overs

Presenters Professional presenters, announcers and voiceovers

Why add a Presenter-led video to your website? We believe that YOU may well be the best person to present your business web video — your visitors will immediately get to know you and warm to you.

But although we make it easy for you to present your video, we know that it can be a daunting prospect, and some clients prefer a professional presenter to stand in for them.

So, meet a few of our presenters above, and let us know which you prefer when you order your video.

If you’re an experienced corporate presenter and you’d like to appear here, give us a call – we’re always seeking new talent!

Studio Package — Presenter: from £750 + VAT

The price includes editing, text graphics and making your video ready for the web. We supply Flash or mp4 (extra formats @ £75). So you can upload it to YouTube or any other free service, or you can choose our optional low-cost video hosting service, from £15 / month, enabling you to embed the film on your site (or any site) and send emails that link to it.