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Video Brings Research To Life

Market Research Video & Live Streaming to enhance qualitative market research

Research practitioners, from solo operators to major agencies sometimes need a professional video partner — and we’re here to help. We’ve provided market research video solutions — video production for qualitative research — such as vox pops and depth interview filming to research agencies and clients since 1993, nationally and globally.

“We spent a week filming in London with Mark – his local knowledge and professionalism took the stress out of a very busy schedule. Mark is a great partner to work with in the dynamic, ever changing world of capturing our market research needs. He is dedicated to the process and committed to capturing the essence of the human spirit. A pleasure to work with.”

Nicola Finnerty, Vice President Head of Qualitative at Greenberg Strategy, San Francisco

“Filming for us in 14 countries, CreationVideo’s expertise has made an international project seem personal, and a personal project seem global – they remain our first option for any multi-national project of this type.”

Jeremy Nye, Head of Research & Planning, BBC World

We work discreetly and unobtrusively and provide everything you’ll need – professional cameras and microphones, interviewers if required, and editing, to make research films and customer insight videos that really do bring the customer to life.

A key CreationVideo research client is the BBC — we’re entrusted with filming within the organisation at the highest level; for example, filming Director General Mark Thompson, and working on BBC projects with top US researcher Frank Luntz. Other long-term clients include Criteria Fieldwork and Greenberg Strategy.

Vox pops international — vox pops UK

We offer vox pop filming in–street or in–store. We’ll provide an interviewer, or work with yours. Our broadcast quality cameras and microphones ensure that video and audio in our voxpops are crystal clear.

Depth interview filming

A typical project might see us filming in London, Birmingham and Manchester – or in 14 countries around the world, shooting 2 x 2hr interviews in each.

Focus group filming: close-ups, behind-mirror, static camera

We’ll use a static camera if you wish, but we offer close–up filming for research that doesn’t intrude, yet results in compelling edited customer insight films.

Live Streaming / Webcasting

Viewable online, anywhere. We can provide single or multi-camera solutions, operated or static, for maximum coverage with minimum obtrusion. And our Video Player can include a Live Chat feature, so your web audience/clients can respond immediately. All you need to provide is a venue with a broadband connection – costs from £700. Full info is here.

Editing vox pops: focus groups, in-depth interview filming and editing

Our research and customer insight clients need a fast turnaround from the material we gather for them, and because we film on HD cameras with a tapeless workflow, we can, for example, transcode audio files to MP3 immediately for transcription and review. Tapeless also means that clips and sequences are easily referenced throughout the transcription, clip selection, and editing process.

How We Edit Vox Pop Videos and Depth Interview Videos – Click here to find out

Case study

BBC World: 24 million viewers, 14 countries, 1 channel

For BBC World, CreationVideo produced a customer insight DVD resource that is used to introduce staff and potential advertisers to the channel’s viewers, as well as by sales teams to present the channel to potential host broadcasters.

We filmed from Brazil to Australia, including Europe and Asia, editing ‘day in the life’ mini-documentaries as well as the core depth interviews filmed in the 24 viewers’ homes. The huge breadth of material is providing BBC World with a resource that we edit, from time-coded transcripts, to suit specific presentations.