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Getting Started Get The Video You Need, On Time, On Budget


With many of our clients using video production for the first time, we offer free video production tips and advice to ensure that you get the video you need, on time and on budget.

Call us, and we’ll talk you through the video pre-production, production and post-production issues, get a clear understanding of your project, and email you a fully itemised estimate.

Or email us the answers to these questions and we’ll call you back immediately:

  1. What is the purpose of the video?
    e.g. Web video for promotion, sales video, awareness film, infomercial, advertisement, presentation, demonstration, public information, recruitment, induction, CSR, HSE, training, testimonial
  2. Who are the target audience of the video?
    e.g. Corporate, small business, healthcare / medical, general public, end-user. Can you define them demographically?
  3. What is the message you want to communicate?
    e.g. Selling a product or service, information, awareness, training etc

It’s also useful to us if you can advise:

  • Do you know the budget allocation at this stage?
  • Do you have a script? If not, will you originate it, or do you need a writer?
  • Will your script / film require regulatory approval?
  • How long will the total programme be?
  • Does any of the video / audio content exist or do we need to create it all?
  • What style might be appropriate? eg documentary, drama, presenter, voiceover, vox pop?
  • How many subjects / actors might be involved?
  • How many locations involved? Where?
  • Is a TV studio required?
  • Will the project need to be adapted for other languages? Which languages? Subtitled or dubbed?
  • Are graphics required – simple text / 2D or complex 3D / CGI?
  • Does the project or brand artwork already exist? Can we use it?
  • What format for output? DVD / CD / Video for your website / Web TV / USB stick?
  • How many DVD / CD copies required?
  • DVD / CD packaging – full artwork/cases required or simple plastic sleeves?