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Your Own 1 Minute Web Video: UNDER £500!

Here’s a quick, easy, tested way to boost your business.

A good, quick video is amazingly powerful – especially on the internet. Would you like one?

We are very excited to announce that we now offer clients a 1 minute Web Video for only £425 + VAT.

Your 1 minute movie will be based on the idea of the ‘elevator speech’ – imagine you find yourself in an elevator with your dream client – but you only have one minute to impress them. Write that script (it’ll be about 140 words), bring it along and we’ll film you here at our new Chiswick studio – we also supply an autocue, so you’ll be word-perfect and completely confident.

The price includes editing, music, text graphics and making your video ready for the web. So you can upload it to YouTube or any other free video service, or you can choose our optional low-cost video hosting service, enabling you to embed the film on your site (or any site) and send emails that link to it.

Here’s an example of how your 1 minute Web Video could look – we filmed our client Paul from Wampit, the UK Business Directory, for whom we provide this service:

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