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Drayton Bird just sent me a link

Drayton Bird just sent me a link to an article by Daniel Levis, that encourages copywriters to sharpen their video scriptwriting skills….. but take a look at the comment from the pet shop owner who tried a video on his website…..

Comment by Wes — March 3, 2010 @ 11:21 am

Howdy Daniel!

You… my friend… are absolutely… positively… 100%…


How can I say that? Here’s why:

I own a ‘brick and mortars’ pet business.

And I’ve tested long copy vs. video… on my website.

And by far… the video gets my phone ringing much more!

Now, that could be because Google (and the other search engines) like video.

So, maybe my video just gets me more ‘hits’.


The video… also… gets me fewer “price shoppers”.

Maybe that’s because a video of me… the owner… is more personal and warm.

And when a prospect watches my video he feels “like he knows me”. And is less likely to tighten his wallet.

Either way… Daniel… you are dead-right about this.

And to anyone (especially those with a brick and mortars business) I HIGHLY recommend you get a video on your site — ASAP!

Just don’t do it if you’re my competitor!

Thanks for a great article!

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