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Livestreaming: More Audience, Less Travel

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If you have a conference or event planned, it may be in review due to coronavirus.

If cancellation is a possibility, you’ll be exploring virtual alternatives, and for some events, presenters using conferencing apps on their laptops at home may suffice (we can help with that, or offer advice).

But if your event is still happening with reduced attendance, or you want to go ahead with core presenters but without the physical audience, livestreaming it has many advantages.

In addition to the obvious reduction in risk to health and cost of travel:

– your audience can view and participate in Q&A and polls, from anywhere, on any device
– additional presenters can be located anywhere
– presentations can be fullscreen or alongside the presenter shot
– the event is recorded for later on-demand viewing

With 10 years’ experience, CreationVideo offers solutions from a single camera and operator, to multi-camera options.

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