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Written by Mark Slocombe

27 January, 2019

We’ve just been working on a project for UCL looking at people’s reactions to IoT – Internet of Things – technologies, in a home-of-the-future environment; really interesting issues were covered around data security and privacy;

Our brief was to supply video production and editing of the research, as we have done for many years; to facilitate the researchers’ choice of clips to include in our edit, we also provided timecoded transcription of our footage.

Historically we’ve supplied the timecoded transcripts as Word documents, and our client selects the text section of the clip they want to include in the edit, and pastes it into an Excel edit log, so the clips can be sorted into the required edit order.

The Excel solution works well and remains the best way for clients to advise us of their edit choices – but we’re now able to provide a more interactive transcription service to help them select their clips: the transcripts can still be supplied as Word or pdf docs, but they can also be viewed online, with the video embedded alongside the text – see the screengrab above.

There’s even a ‘Read Along’ feature, where the transcript text is highlighted in time with the video as the video plays, making clip selection really interactive and fully-informed – see the video above.

Life just got easier for clients using our transcription services!

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