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Focus Group Filming for Market Research Companies

Tonight I’m filming in a pub on the south coast. I got a call this morning from market research company CSR – a new client for us; they needed same day filming here in Ringwood, near Southampton.

It’s great to be able to say Yes to short-notice requests – the audible sigh of relief on the end of the phone is a reward in itself.

We’ve provided filming for research since we began, in 1993. We do it professionally, aiming to make the end result as engaging as possible by offering close up as well as static filming. We often use a two camera set up, so that there’s a static wide shot and synchronised close ups and medium shots, so the edit will be watchable and compelling.

As always in video, the sound is as – if not more – important. So we use an overhead directional boom microphone as well as a high quality omnidirectional boundary mic – as a minimum solution, resulting in crisp, clear audio of every respondent.

When the job is done we immediately upload the video files to our super-fast download server, so clients, wherever they are, can view the material within hours.

We can also live stream the group or depth interview so clients anywhere can view in real time.

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