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Montacute shoot

HD-DSLR shoot in Montacute

We’ve been using our new slider from Olof Ekbergh at Westside AV, with the EOS 550d, producing brilliant tracking shots for this film about longevity we’re making with nutritionist Sally Beare for AKEA.

We were also using the EX1 / Letus / Nikon combo, to which I have become very attached in the last 18 months (I love my EX1!), but it’s clear to see how the DSLRs will continue to replace the 35mm adapter rigs going forward, and how the inevitable video cameras that incorporate the features of both, like Panasonic’s camera due in Q4 2010, are going to be gobsmackingly good.

I’ll say it again – it’s a brilliant time right now in video production!

And yes, we did find the secret of longevity: according to the regulars at the King’s Arms in Montacute, it’s a local cider called Rough Stuff.

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