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Solutions For Efficient Editing: Timecoded Videos And Transcripts How We Edit Interviews, Focus Groups, Vox Pops

On some projects we film many hours of video – for example a research project involving focus groups and depth interviews may generate over 30 hours of video.

Editing this down to a watchable 5-10 minute video can be daunting, so we make the process as simple and efficient as possible. The benefits of editing this way include client selection from the outset and hugely reduced video edit time and cost:

1. We upload all ‘rushes’ – unedited material – to our video server. We burn in the video’s timecode, making it visible on the video, so any point in the whole 30 hours can be identified by hour:minute:second:frame

timecoded video example

2. Client downloads, selects clips to use, and using the clips’ in and out timecode, creates an Excel Edit Log (template from us)

3. To make the selection process easier and faster, we can optionally create timecoded transcripts – written, searchable Word documents that have the timecode in one column, identified every 20 seconds or so, and the audio in the next column. Clients then just copy paste the timecode and dialogue of chosen clips into the Edit Log

timecoded transcript example

4. We use the Edit Log to edit the clips required, in the order required, adding text graphics to identify sections / questions asked.


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