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Solo Shoot for Dormer Pramet Conference in Chicago

Dormer Pramet training sessionDormer Pramet Elgin, Chicago training session
It’s day 4 today of a 4 day solo shoot for Dormer Pramet here in Elgin, Chicago; I’m here for footage of daily life at the company’s offices and training centre, a sales conference, an update of the recently-merged Dormer Pramet branding, and lots of talking heads for our next series of videos for the company.

I brought our new PMW-200, C100 and an EOS-M that works nicely with our Kessler Pocket Jib Traveller. And when I realised I’d forgotten the tripod head needed to use my slider, Zacuto Films stepped right in and couriered me a rental replacement – thanks Steve and Joe!

Filming Interviews for Dormer Pramet

Pretty glad it’s been an indoor shoot – temperature has dropped to -20C at times! At least my taxi was full of hot air..

Taxi to Filming for Dormer Pramet in Elgin

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