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My New Favourite Light – Gekko karesslite 100

Gekko karesslite 100My new favourite light is the Gekko 100 series LED soft light – it is adjustable between tungsten 3200k and daylight 5600k – and it features high power surface mount LEDs which seem to out-perform larger conventional 1×1 fixtures in terms of brightness and light quality.

The build quality is excellent and it is extremely lightweight – perfect for travelling with, which I do a lot of.

karesslite 100 features a separate ballast and lamp head, the ballast incorporating a Sony V-mount battery plate and independent dimmer controls for both the daylight and tungsten LED banks. The ballast features an integral lanyard so that it can hung from a lighting stand.

The lamp is supplied with an innovative clip-in diffuser (soft box) which provides a flattering single source soft light output that is the closest I’ve seen to the softness of our KinoFlo Divas.

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