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Hungary’s Best Video Production Company

One of the best camera operator / DOPs we’ve had the pleasure of working with at CreationVideo is a Hungarian called Tamas Polgar – he was with us on several high profile healthcare, corporate and training videos here in London.

But Hungary called him back, and Tamas has now set up his own video production company – ParanoidImage. Here’s their press release:

“Paranoidimage Production is a Hungarian video production company which creates web based video content for Hungarian and Eastern european clients. The company’s main goal is to bring new colour into the world of the Hungarian and Eastern European video industry. Apart from video and commercial film making, our service includes Web design, Graphic Design, Photo services, and Music composition. The company’s highly professional team is working to satisfy all the costumer’s needs. The company was launched by Tamas Polgar who has been a television journalist and cameraman for the last eight years. Tamas has directed, produced and shot a number of documentaries for broadcasters, and corporate videos and commercials for different national and international clients.”

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