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Chiswick Great River Swim: Canon EOS 550d

On the spur of the moment yesterday, I filmed the Chiswick Great River Swim organised by Steve Newell – I used the 550d and as I wasn’t at the office, had no tripod or microphone with me.

So the whole thing was filmed handheld, using the camera’s onboard mic, and as it was a bright, sunny-cloudy day with a lot happening quickly, I decided to also set the camera to Auto, apart from focus.

I’m quite surprised at the quality of the result in the FLV that you can see by clicking the picture above – I don’t see any effect of the exposure or ISO changing automatically, even in the rushes.

The audio is not great, as there was a lot of background crowd noise – but I was surprised at how well the tiny mic coped for the interviews – in a quieter location it could certainly be relied on – especially for web video – if no proper mics were available.

The experience did prompt me to ask colleague Phil Bloom which Zacuto Z-Finder I should invest in – it is close to impossible to see focus in the otherwise excellent LCD, especially if you are far-sighted.

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