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Autocue / Teleprompter : making life easier



Using our portable autocue, or teleprompter as it’s known in the US, our clients’ experience of filming PTCs (pieces to camera) changes from one of fear and loathing, to one of confidence and serenity – usually!

The autocue shows the presenter their script, scrolling on a screen over the camera’s lens.

The script is on our laptop, controlled by our operator – or, increasingly, by someone on our client’s team, having had a 15 minute practice.

Scripts can be quickly copied to our laptop on location, then, Action!

Autocue makes the presenter’s job much simpler because their script is scrolling at their reading speed – the operator is following them, not the other way around.

So the presenter appears to be looking straight into camera, and can take their time, resulting in a calm and authoritative delivery.

Imagine if you were watching a newsreader, and they started to look away from camera, or umming and ahhing as they thought about what they were about to say.

They’d lose credibility immediately: this is what autocue prevents.


autocue - the presenter's view

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