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Joint Venture / Partnership Offer

We partner with experts who want to make passive, recurring income from their knowledge; together we create Webinars with an automated promotion, sales and access process.


* A ‘Webinar’ is a Presentation (usually PowerPoint) including an audio (and possibly video) commentary. The customer views the webinar on their computer or device – either live or as a recording

* The Expert = You

* The Producer = CreationVideo Ltd


1. The Producer creates a simple website and Facebook and Twitter pages for the Expert.

2. Later, ONLY if there is sufficient demand from customers, the Expert creates a Webinar Series (usually 6x 40-60 minutes), with the full assistance of the Producer

3. The Producer promotes the Webinar Series (not yet created) on social media – to highly targeted, relevant potential customers – anywhere in the world. They are invited to register to attend a free, live introductory webinar where the Expert will explain what the Webinar Series will do for them, what unmissable knowledge they will gain, from purchasing access to the Webinar Series

4. When enough people have registered to attend it, the live introductory webinar (20-40 minutes) is presented by the Expert, assisted by the Producer. They sit at a computer, talking through a Powerpoint presentation that the potential customers see and hear on their computer or device. They can ask questions via a chat panel on the webinar software.

5. At the end of the introductory webinar, the potential customers are invited to purchase the Webinar Series

6. If there are enough purchases to make the project worthwhile, the Expert creates the Webinar Series (usually 6x 40-60 minutes), with the full assistance of the Producer. These are usually live webinars, held weekly / fortnightly / monthly, or they could be recorded webinars that the customer is given the link to, each week / fortnight / month.

7. The Producer creates a website to host the Webinar Series, that customers log in to, to access the recorded Webinar Series forever

8. When the Webinar Series has been live, it is also recorded. The recorded Webinar Series is then promoted on social media and can be purchased and accessed automatically – the whole process of promotion, sales and access is automated and recurring

9. Further Webinar Series can be created as the Expert wishes

Who does what / pays for what:

* The joint venture is a 50/50 partnership – the Expert and Producer share all costs and profits equally

* The Expert is the author of the content – the face and voice of the brand

* The Producer provides all the software, and infrastructure to broadcast live and to record the Webinar Series for customers to log in to view

* The Producer creates all promotional material, including filming the Expert and testimonials to the Expert, that will be used in promotion

* The Producer’s input is at no cost, other than costs to third party providers of software and infrastructure

If you’d like to discuss a joint venture partnership, please share your details below and we’ll be in touch: