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Web Video Production Web video for SMEs

Why add video to your website? Because web video is incredibly popular: YouTube alone gets 1 billion unique users per month, and as a commercial tool, video is hugely powerful, because people love it. And video production costs less than you think. We start at £550 + VAT.

Click the thumbnails to see SME web videos for The Perfect Partner, IDC, The Mulberry Centre and Barlow Docherty:

Here’s a guide to our web video production packages and costs for SMEs:

Studio Package — Client: from £550, Presenter: from £750

Your 1-2 minute movie will be based on the ‘elevator pitch’ — imagine you find yourself in an elevator with your dream client, but you only have one minute to impress them. Write that script (about 140-280 words) — we’ll help with grammar and content if you wish. Bring it along and we’ll film you here at our Chiswick studio. We also supply an autocue, so you’ll be word-perfect and completely confident. But if you’d prefer to use a professional presenter, we have plenty available.

The price includes editing, text graphics and making your video ready for the web. We supply Flash or mp4 (extra formats for £75). So you can upload it to YouTube or any other free service, or you can choose our optional low-cost video hosting service, from £15 / month, enabling you to embed the film on your site (or any site) and send emails that link to it. 99% uptime and excellent quality are guaranteed.

PVHR SME Web Video : from £550 + VAT

Premises Package — 1 day shoot and edit: from £1,100, half-day shoot and edit: from £700

Of course you’re not restricted to 1 minute, or filming at our studio. To produce a 2.5 minute web video for The Perfect Partner, we filmed 1 day at their premises, using our dolly and track for camera movement and a 35mm adapter to create the gorgeous film-like look. As well as filming Wendy, the business owner, we shot a couple of testimonials from her clients who came along to the shoot, adding credibility and variety.

Corporate Package: UK from £2,900

Typical 3-5 minute corporate web videos, like our recent infomercial video for Shell involve: Client or presenter to camera, testimonials, 1-3 day filming @ client premises, 35mm look, camera grip, autocue & greenscreen, edit, text graphics, music and DVD copies.

Corporate Package: International from £3,900

A film produced for the launch of Ateronon, presented by John Suchet, involved: Presenter (+ testimonials) to camera, voiceover, 8-10 minutes, 5-12 days filming @ client premises, 35mm look, tracking, autocue & greenscreen, 5 days edit, text graphics, 3D gfx, music.

All prices exclude VAT.